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USA Test Prep is a website designed to help students, teachers, administrators, and school districts prepare for state-mandated educational tests. It does this in a series of ways, including offering practice exams, tutorials, customized individuals testing, a huge suite of analytics for teachers, and high-quality assessment tools.

This program has numerous modules. For students, it offers tools designed to help them get better at state-required tests. Teachers can observe a student's progress and ensure that students are as prepared as possible for this testing. Teachers have also noted that the program does a phenomenal job of differentiating between students. This helps to create programs that are designed with individual students in mind, thus ensuring that students are prepared for tests at their own pace. 

To their credit, USA Test Prep understands that many school districts are extremely strapped for cash, and these are often the districts that are struggling the most with standardized testing. As such, they offer customized and flexible pricing plans. This can be a huge boon for school districts.

On the negative side, the website offers a ton of features. This can be particularly problematic for some students who may not be as comfortable as others on websites like this. This isn't a negative in and of itself, of course, but there are challenges with users fully understanding all of the program's features and getting the most out of it. However, to combat this, the website does offer an impressive array of online training. Their staff has also been reported to be very helpful and highly responsive to many questions. 

More problematic is that some reviews did identify a need for more content on some questions. This can leave students disappointed and lacking certain practice options.


  • Offers a wide array of tools designed to help all parties perform better on standardized testing.
  • Offers a 30 day, no-obligation demo, ensuring that all parties can determine if the program is right for them. Users can take advantage of the program's features during this time.
  • Very customizable and offers differentiation for students, thus helping teachers better prepare each individual student.
  • Offers flat pricing options that can be very helpful for cash-strapped school districts. 
  • Offers plentiful tutorials and trainings that can help users take full advantage of the huge breadth of features in the program. 


  • Offers so many features that many users have reported having a difficult time understanding everything at their disposal, despite the wide array of tutorials and online trainings. This can be a challenge for students in particular. However, users also noted that if this is the worst feature on the website, it is clearly an excellent program. 
  • Some reviewers felt that there is a need for additional content on some of the questions on the website.
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